I was born and continue to live in Bombay, India. Graced with four lovely children, oldest being 35 and the youngest 21 years of age, I live my life today in total surrender to my God.
As a serious seeker of the spiritual path, (just like many of you who are reading this), I enjoy sharing some of my spiritual experiences and personal thoughts on my websites.
I started my spiritual journey in December 1993. After 10 years of purification in mind, body, habits, health and emotions, I was able to go in depth of what awaited me in the divine dimensions. I took my diksha in 2004, and that was the turning point in my life. It was karmic and soul cleansing with the kripa of my Divine guru, Shri Sudhir bhai, and created the deepest of positive changes.
I am fortunate enough to travel often to Vraj Mandal (The land of Divinity) and love being at Vrindavan. I feel deep anand and bliss here at Vraj Mandal; the vibrancy and magnetism of Vrindavan is unimaginable. Vrindavan is the place where I belong and is my real home… My soul finds peace and unlimited joy in this divine land of Shree RadhaKrishn.
In total surrender to Divine ShreeNathji who had accepted to be my Maha Gurushree some years back; I believe that I am the luckiest soul in this world.
When in the deepest of meditations, as I experienced the Presence of Divine God ShreeNathji-Shree RadhaKrishn, He had declared, “You are my ‘best friend’ and you will be the only ‘friend’ I will ever have”.

And since then He has kept to His word, and made me a part of many Divine Leelas. In fact there have been those precious moments when I have been graced with ShreeNathji’s Divine Presence and the gunjan (echo) of Shreeji’s Divinely sweet voice, where He talks and plays various leelas. (It is like a repeat of the 84 Vaishnavsor 252 Vaishnav Ki Vaarta, in today’s time period).
At times this is the voice of a very young infant; at other moments like an older child or at times an adult talking about various happening…I thank HIM for all plays of Divinity that HE has made me a part of. All I can say today is; “Shreeji, Thank You for all Your Love and Kripa; I offer my self in totality to You, in my Mind, Body, Soul; I am surrendered to YOU!!

A small poem dedicated to Him;

I have learnt to live my life on the highest truth:
“No matter what others say or think; if you are following the soul’s demands towards your God, move on and do not stop, only because some people do not have the right understandings”.

 Jai Shreeji!

All writing and photography by Abha Shahra Shyama
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