These websites developed by us are descriptions and writings on ShreeNathji, Nathdwara, Shri Govardhan, Vraj Mandal, Banshivat; they also talk about my personal divine experiences, as I move upon my spiritual journey in seeking answers to the eternal; “WHO AM I”

ShreeNathji at Nathdwara-Shri Govardhan

This has information on ShreeNathji and some vartas of my personal interactions with Him.With the kripa and grace of my Gurushree and of course Thakurjee, ShreeNathji Himself who is my Mahagurushree there have been those precious moments when I have been graced with ShreeNathji’s Divine Presence; with the gunjan (echo) of Shreeji’s Divinely sweet voice, as He talks and plays various leelas.
(It is like a repeat of the 550 years olden Vartas; 84 Vaishnavs or 252 Vaishnav Ki Vaarta, in today’s time period).
These divine moments include the voice of ShreeNathji as a very young infant; at other moments like an older child or at times an adult talking about various happenings...

Banshivat at Vrindavan Mandal

This sacred mandir is located in the Banshi Vat area in Vrindavan.
It is a Siddh Sthan and the original MahaRaas Sthali of Shree RadhaKrishn.
Banshi Vat is the place where the Charan, (foot prints) of RadhaKrishn are worshipped. It is a beautiful place, where Gurushree believes the highest Energies visit every night, and the Divine Play becomes a reality which can be experienced if one has the required bhao and purity.

Mukharvind of ShreeNathji at Jatipura, Shri Govardhan

Shreeji lives in Vraj at Mathura on Giriraj Govardhan.
There is His Mukharvind mandir at the base of the Giriraj, the place of His Pragatya.

ShreeNathji in His Lalan swaroop gives sakshat darshan at His Mukharvind on
Shri Govardhan at Jatipura on 9th June 2005.

ShreeNathji has promised Gurushree that, henceforth He will grant darshans to any bhakt
who comes at Mukharvind with pure bhao & devotion.

ShreeNathji Darshan Application for all phones and computers;

Free App of animated eight Darshans from ShreeNathji Nathdwara Haveli.
Actual darshans from ShreeNathji’s Personal Gaushala at Nathdwara
Darshans of His Loving, Magnetic Swarup, can now be enjoyed wherever you are and whenever you choose. This application can be installed and downloaded on iPhone, iPad, Android phones or personal computer on YouTube.

The link for downloading and installing this free application:

Zero2dot- Spiritual Book

This book describes my authentic journey into the eternal mystery of Who am I ?
It talks about Truth; Purity; Kripa; Grace; Bhao, Mahabhao; Divine Love from God and Guru as I describe  my journey from the Tamsic level to the Sattvik heights;
The book talks about the experiences I had when on this journey to the inner Dot. Dot is the point from where the Divine entered my life, my heart,  my mind, my soul.
This connection between man and God is possible only through total shraddha, faith, aastha.
Zero2Dot is documentation of a seekers inner journey to the Truth; only the “Absolute Truth”.
It is documentation by month and year; at times daily. It contains my experiences as a witness, from the last 12-13 years; a document of moment to moment divine experiences.

One may wonder as to why did I write this book.

“Past karmas lead us to a destiny which has to be fulfilled”
This book reveals the miraculous working of destiny and karma; in our lives.
The book Zero2Dot, is not intended to preach or teach any rituals, nor give knowledge on scriptures.
What I have tried to present here in a very simple manner are my anubhuties– experiences on the spiritual path.
After reading, listening, and understanding spiritual truths, I have ‘acted upon’ them. This is called doing “acharan” after the initial “smaran” and “manan”.
I think of myself as a channel for some higher spiritual truths and mysteries, which have to unfold in this world of ours. God is very much around us and the distance experienced is only from our side.
HE waits for us with open arms. Each word in this book is the truth as experienced by me first hand, as I move on this spiritual journey to finally merge into the Divine ShreeNathji-Shree RadhaKrishn.
“Written words will touch the reader directly, and be a light to him when the truth of anubhuties flow from them. The words then generate enough power to pass real understanding to any seeker, with energy to transform, and provide the gentle push when he may face confusions and doubts”.


All writing and photography by Abha Shahra Shyama
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