Taking pictures, especially of nature, increases awareness, vision and also teaches you a tremendous amount of patience. It teaches you to be in the ‘Now’, because I am sure, as all nature photographers have learnt that a particular picture in the same frame will never come again. So you learn to be very much in the ‘here and now’, or the opportunity is missed forever. When you want that particular shot of that particular bird or animal, no matter how uncomfortable the situation becomes, how many insects are biting you, however you might be sweating in the sweltering heat (Mumbai is very hot and humid all through the year), you will have to keep patience, or else just let the situation go. So then being in the midst of bountiful nature is to me like going deep in meditation especially so at Vraj Mandal. Each street, corner, van, sthali, trees, birds, peacocks create an unimaginable longing to go back in that divine period when all would have been so alive with “The Presence”.

The mysticism holds me strong and I experience heightened joy and anand deep within, with the stirring of a deep, deep longing that creates restlessness. Several times it has happened that I don’t even realize hours as they pass by, when wandering outdoors either in Vrindavan or in the gardens or streets of Mumbai.

To just appreciate the beauty of each flower, every tree, landscape or seascape, we need to forget the botany and geography behind it, as the technical details might just take away sacredness present in the moment. So, I choose to not go in detail of the names given by us humans to nature. (Broadly of course I have to use the names of colors, trees, flowers as categories, but I don’t wish to go deeper than that).

So pause; let the beauty, serenity and sacredness of nature enter (within you) in that moment. This flower will never be in the same moment; the tree will never give off this light at any other moment except now, so also all of the animal kingdom freezes for that particular moment when captured by the camera. The scene on the street will just disappear never to be seen again. One has to be very active with the camera, or else it is so easy to miss out on the incredible shots.
All writing and photography by Abha Shahra Shyama
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