The Sacred Kamal - symbol of divine purity and sacredness.

The Lotus photos are from the holy Dham of Nathdwara. The Kamal is a very important part of ShreeNathji shringar in every darshan.
In Hinduism the Kamal flower stands as the symbol of divine purity and sacredness.
Devi Shakti, as well as ShreeNathji; Shree KrishnRadha, are shown as either standing on a lotus or holding it in their hands.
In fact no Shringar of my Dearest ShreeNathji at Nathdwara, is complete without the offering of the sacred Kamal flower.
Also the Kamal has been compared to the purity within the human body, on the seven Chakras; located on the spine.

The rising of the powerful Kundilini Shakti from the base of the spine to the highest Chakra on the head, called the Shahsara Chakra is also denoted with the opening of the 1000 petal Lotus...

Chaitri Gulab is used in Shreeji’s Shringar

ShreeNathji has His own Baug, Bageecha (garden), where Chaitri Gulab – Roses, are grown and processed for His sewa. They are offered in ShreeNathji’s sewa in the form of a decorated Chadi (A stick on His waist) or in a Mala (garland) in particular season.
Chaitri Gulab is a breed of pink rose which has a very sweet fragrance found around Udaipur in Rajasthan. Chaitra is the month of March-April, and these roses flower for just these couple of months every year. During this particular month, the flowers which are offered to Shreeji on His waist, which is mostly the Kamal, are replaced with a Chadi made of Chaitri Gulab.

Haldi Ghati, near Nathdwara is famous for this rose qualiy. This place is located at a distance of 42 Km from Udaipur City and 17 Km from town Nathdwara amidst hills of Aravalli ranges.
All writing and photography by Abha Shahra Shyama
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